Customer confidentiality

Customer confidentiality

We don't share because we care

Protection of your data comes before all else

We, just like all of our competitors providing software to the window coverings industry, are the custodians of a wealth of highly sensitive, individual information that’s crucial to the success and operation of each individual business we work with.

It’s important you know that there are measures in place to protect your data and its confidentiality when using our software. We can, and have with other clients too, engage and work with you under the protections of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for added peace of mind.

Ensuring absolute confidentiality is an essential part of maintaining trust between Blindata and our customers. The purpose of this page is to help explain how confidential information is handled, how its privacy is ensured and what measures we have in place to manage and govern this on an on-going basis.

Our measures include clear policies and agreements that ensure all employees and contractors understand their responsibilities regarding customer confidentiality. Access to customer data is restricted to only those who need it to perform their job functions or to service a request you have, for example when supporting you with a technical query or product question. Access is granted on a strictly need-to-know basis and only after a given employee or contractor has undergone checks and signed a confidentiality agreement, employment contract and/or service agreement.

Your data exists in a segregated, and individual IT environment. We don’t run shared solutions and don’t have multi-tenancy as part of our offering like some other solutions in the market. In fact, in many instances, Blindata is actually hosted by individual customers: either in a cloud or on-premise environment that they control. Encryption and security measures are also in place to prevent unauthorised access or tampering with your data.

To ensure that these measures are effective, we conduct regular audits and reviews of our data handling processes. By doing so, any potential vulnerabilities or areas for improvement are identified and addressed. All of these measures are designed to protect your confidentiality and build trust between you and Blindata.

If you’ve discovered a vulnerability in our software, please email Any security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.

You may also email if you have a privacy question that you’d like to have answered.

Our storage, handling, processing and use of data is regulated by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office.